Thank you for your interest in TC Thompkins LLC, one of the nation’s leading Media companies in Music Marketing & Radio Promotions. As a valued client, your artist or material will reap the benefits of more than fifty years of Entertainment industry knowledge, experience and resources. Our extensive network of industry personnel would be at your disposal, ensuring a successful return on your marketing budget. I will gladly entertain any questions you have, either of general or personal nature.

TC Thompkins LLC is a full-service promotional and marketing company offering world class radio promotions, streaming campaigns, digital marketing, social media development, label placement & consultant services. TC Thompkins LLC CEO is TC Thompkins, a music professional with over 50 years of outstanding accompaniments in the music business from the development of Sade first US release “Diamond Life”, Luther Vandross first release “Never To Much“, Teddy Riley, Guy, Mtume “Juice Fruit”, Tina Marie,  Isley Brothers “Between The Sheets”, J Dash “Wop”, Flo Rida, Patti LaBellle “If Only You Knew”, George Tandy Jr. “March”The Jackson’s on Victory & Destiny and hundreds of more artist and releases, to working with Michael Jackson on “Off The Wall” and the largest selling CD in History “Thriller”.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you why TC Thompkins LLC has earned its reputation for high quality and superior service. I’m sure we can be of service to you, so please give us a call for more details on our services and guarantees.