“T.C. is a leader in his industry and his track record speaks for it’s self. It’s always a privilege and an honor to work with him.”

Jacob Hodgson , Partner/Creative Director , Walker Entertainment Group
worked directly with TC at Thompkins Marketing LLC


“TC understands his business. He is honest in his assessment of a situation and fair in his dealings. I trusted his judgement.”

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Good Value

Mary Bradley
hired TC as a Business Consultant


“TC, is a real pro you can always count on. One of the very best in the music business. Jesus Garber The Jesus Garber Company”

Jesus Garber , Owner , The Jesus Garber Company
worked with TC at Thompkins Marketing LLC


“I worked with TC many times over the course of ten years on almost a dozen film and video productions. His positive demeanor was extremely infectious making each and every project we worked on together a complete success from start to finish. TC builds relationships that are not only long term, but authentic. He is a natural leader and I would not hesitate at the opportunity to work with TC again in the future.”

Jeff Clark , Executive Producer , Glass Guns
was a consultant or contractor to TC at Thompkins Marketing LLC


“TC THOMPKINS is one of the most sought after marketing and promotions executives in the music industry. what i like most about tc is that he treats you more like a friend than just a client. we at ISMAEL RECORDS look very highly towards tc. another good thing about tc is that he gives you the stright info…….no curves, if he thinks you have a good artist he tells you so……if not?…get ready, because tc will be the very first to let you know if your artist needs more work, in short its not just about the money, i have actually had tc refuse to market and promote an ISMAEL RECORDS recording artist simply because tc thought the artist needed more sharpening, you just cant get this level of honesty with a lot of people in TC THOMPKINS line of work. we at ISMAEL RECORDS will never use anyone to market and promote our artist but MR TC THOMPKINS. ISMAEL/CEO/PRESIDENT/

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Tyrone I Ismael
hired TC as a Business Consultant , and hired TC more than once


“Example: TC is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without ever losing sight of the strategic objective.”

Jesus Garber , Owner , The Jesus Garber Company
was with another company when working with TC at Thompkins Marketing LLC


VP Promotions at Epic Records

“TC is among the finest promotion professionals that it has been my privilege to know over the past 30 years. He has earned the respect of, and shares camaraderie with, some of the entertainment industry’s most influential figures. He is a master of promotion who enjoys doing his job. I loved working with him.”

Paris Eley , vice president promotions black music , CBS
managed TC at Epic Records


“TC was very professional. His mannerism and dress attire was flawless. He was courteous and genuine. Extremely professional in his appearance and was excellent in his job. Always surrounded himself with quality people.”

Lynn Tolliver Jr , VP of Operations , Zapis Communications/WZAK
was with another company when working with TC at Epic Records


“I worked indirectly with TC while at CBS Records working in the Marketing Department. TC is a consumate professional. His drive mades him good at what he does and his demeanor makes him a wonderful person to work with. I would recommend TC highly to anyone looking for a excellent executive and a really nice guy.”

Judith (Judy) Blatt , Executive Assistant (Various titles) , CBS Records/Sony Music
worked with TC at Epic Records

All I can say is Congrats you’ve done a superb Job on that record and I’m sure you have “shaken up the Industry” with that one and I would love to be a fly on the wall at those Major Co’s on the Conference calls hearing Mofo’s get cursed out for allowing you to climb the charts as you did with an Independent (not from Star Search, American Idol, The Voice or Americas Got Talent) but STARBUCKS – LMAO – not only was that masterful but in this instance that’s got to be “LEGENDARY” Mike T


“TC was directly responsible for WOP breaking and ranking on the BillBoard charts for 17 consecutive weeks and helping J. Dash achieve USA Today’s highly acclaimed “Artist on the Verge” along with his first GOLD record!” Ken Underwood CEO StereoFame Records

“You Can’t fabricate or just stumble into the type of incredible results that TC helped us achieve with “March”. All the odds were against us but we definitely won thanks to him. Clearly the man knows what he is doing. TC has a wealth of industry knowledge and a passion for good music!!! I’m grateful and so is the whole Red Star Team!” George Tandy Jr

“Without a doubt, TC Thompkins and his team are among the finest in the industry. It has been a pleasure and privilege for I.P.O. Records to partner with the Thompkins Marketing team on various successful projects.” John Mandeville CEO IPO Records

“There is nobody, that I know that, works harder than, the Thompkins Media Group, T C, has many years of experience In Radio & Records. I’ve worked with him, closely, on many projects, in my radio career that goes over 20 years, He’s never missed a beat. TC Thompkins, has a special way, of working with artists, and making them very successful. Larry Steele PD WTMP

Thompkins Marketing keep Arika Kane #1 indie on Billboard indie charts for over 14 consecutive months.
BSE Records