At TC Thompkins LLC, we recognize that each project and artist is an individual entity – and our services cannot be developed or delivered from just a menu of items. Our consultations are customized to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients, who receive full professional representation in all critical areas of development including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Worldwide Streaming Services (Pandora, Spotify, Google Play, Sony Music Unlimited, Rdio, Tidal) and many more
  • Radio Campaigns (Major, Satellite, College,Spin, Secondary & Internet)
  • Formats (Urban, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Dance, Rhythmic, UAC, R&B, CHR, Pop, Christian, Gospel)
  •  National Charts (Retail & Radio)
  • DJs Associations, Mix Shows, Pools & Clubs
  • Viral Presentations “DKP”
  • Media (TV, Print, Web including Features, Blogs & Interviews)
  • Imaging/Branding
  • Social Media Development & Monitoring
  • Micro Marketing Campaign
  • Promotional Tour Support
  • Web Development
  • Music Business Consultation
  • Video Promotions
  • e Commerce
  • Press
  • Project Budgeting
  • Manufacturing
  • Blast Service

All services are reasonably priced and we guarantee all work.


TC THOMPKINS, LLC  offers its clients national distribution covering all major and independent retail and digital outlets in North American and the world. Our distribution agreement is for five years with a onetime setup fee and a percentage of wholesale. TC Thompkins has agreements in place with several major and independent distributors that make up our worldwide network of distributors. With each agreement our clients has access to every known tool available in the development and release of commercial music product.

• Sales Staff (direct contact with major outlet’s buyers)
• Product placement Assistant
• Micro Marketing campaigns
• Sales Programs (end cap, in-stores, etc)
• Pricing & Position Programs
• Sound Scan campaigns
• Ad placement (Web & Print)
• Site placement (Walt, etc)
• Digital & Retail Promotions (I Tunes, FYE, Best Buy etc)
• One Sheet, e Blast and National Press Release on all releases


Complete Internet Marketing Campaigns

An effective marketing campaign involves reaching out to your existing and future fanbase through multiple channels. Bringing together all your marketing efforts into one unified strategic plan to expand your artist buzz, newsletter sign-ups, and sales. Whatever your needs are we have the solutions.

  • Paid Advertising, Text and Banner Ads, Re-targeting
  • Mobile Websites and Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Major Press and Branding

Social Media Marketing and Management

Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more is the best way to reach your fans and establish relationships so they get ‘hooked’ on you! Create a community of die-hard fans around your band…

  • Deepens fan relationships
  • Create content that goes viral and reaches thousands if not millions of new fans
  • Increase your Band’s exposure
  • Increase visitor traffic to your site by getting your music “talked about”

Website Design+Social Media Page Designs

Every website has a ‘specific’ purpose whether to generate a lead, a sale, or a sign up. There is no doubt that sending visitors to a website that does not convert that visitor is wasted traffic. You need a high converting website that can…

  • Maximize revenue from every visit
  • Engages the visitor so they stay on your site longer
  • Captures their contact data so you